Magazine: Circular is Going Global 2


The second magazine Circular is Going Global is launched. In this magazine, we showcase a selection of the Netherlands most interesting circular innovations and initiatives around the five Dutch priority sectors. Not just to provide a catalogue of opportunities, but also to give insight into the diversity of circular solutions available in the Netherlands.

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At Holland Circular Hotspot we believe that creating a circular economy calls for a profound transformation in the way we work and produce, and the way we design, teach, invest, and buy. That's why we strive to connect the global circular community, by inspiring cross-sectoral collaborations, stimulating the exchange of knowledge and innovations, and boosting circular entrepreneurship.

Sharing innovation and knowledge

The Netherlands has a history of creating inventive, circular business models. At Holland Circular Hotspot we aim to share and present our innovations, knowledge and experiences and inspire international entrepreneurs and knowledge institutions with successful circular initiatives. 

So, join the global circular community at Holland Circular Hotspot. We look forward to welcoming you at our website or one of our events. You can download the magazine below. Also curious at the first one? You can download that magazine here.

Together, we make our future circular.

Magazine: Circular is Going Global 2
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The second magazine Circular is Going Global is launched. With more than forty inspiring Dutch circular showcases!


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