High volume of water usage in the leather industry

Reduction in the usage and volume of water from the tanning industry
High volume of water usage in the leather industry

The water usage levels by the tanning industry are too high and exceed the existing limits. The current industrial tannery processes require  large volumes of water (45-50 m3 water per ton of raw hide / skin). The reduction of the overall water use is feasible, but requires modification and adaptation of technology and practices at different tanning stages

During the process of leather tanning, the hides and skin undergo various stages like pre-tanning, tanning and post-tanning. Water is an important input used in large quantities in all of the processes. It is estimated that the volume of water used in processing 1 kg of hide or skin is 40-45 litres. In India, with an annual raw hide production of 690,000 tonnes, total water requirement of the industry is 30 billion litres. Such huge volume of water poses two issues – a) the high volume of water b) the treatment of the high volume of water. In a time of increasing drought and water scarcity, the leather industry should not neglect technologies that are water-saving. water recycling and reusing, which can reduce water usage significantly.

Kind of Solution required: Methods to reduce consumption of water used during tanning

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