HMP Distribution is looking for food developers to make vegan 'dairy' products from our plant-based cream.

Try to make vegan dairy products from our plant-based cream.
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HMP Distribution is looking for food developers to make vegan 'dairy' products from our plant-based cream.

Cocos is the driver behind the most current vegan cheeses on the market. Not sustainable and healthy at all (in our opinion)! We think it can be done it better! We have a cream with a high fat percentage, all omegas, all amino acids, and very sustainable! We think plant-based 'dairy' products can be made from this, but don't be limited and be creative!

Hey there!

We have hemp-based cream. What does this cream mean? Due to its characteristics mentioned in the introduction, we think several plant-based 'dairy' can be made from this cream. Think of cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, creme frais, sour cream, cooking cream, you name it! 

Why hemp? Hemp is a genious crop! It absorbes 4x more CO2 in comparison with a hectare of forrest. It replenish the and put back nutritions in the soil. Besides, it does not need any pesticides and fertilizers. Even better, it grows in just 4 months to a 4-meter high plant, ready to be harvested. And another beautiful thing? Its water usage is very low! Not yet convinced? Alright, it also supports the bee population because of its pollen. But WAIT, hemp does not contain THC: the component that makes you high. You can find hemp being grown everywhere in Europe: England, Netherlands, France, Germany, ... 

What we are looking for are pioneers who are looking for new ingredients to make and/or innovate in products such as mentioned above. This does not limit yourself to try and come up with other products (completely) different than the ones mentioned above. Creativity is limitless! Potential partners could be: food developers in the 'meat' and 'cheese' industry. However, if you feel you can make a miracle food from this cream, let Vincent know and let's chat!

We are HMP Distribution, and we distribute hemp-related brands and products. Please see the action button below for more information.

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