Innovation in concrete for the benefit of reconstruction

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Innovation in concrete for the benefit of reconstruction

A consortium of innovative businesses working in the concrete sector, wants to design homes together with residence permit holders, use new sustainable concrete-technology, disseminate knowledge and build these sustainable homes in the Netherlands and the country of origin.


Within the concrete sector, several innovative techniques are developed. Testing these in practice and then implementing them is very inconvenient for various reasons. Therefore, many innovative techniques often come to a halt at an early stage (‘valley of death'). A consortium of companies will therefore combine some of these innovative technologies and implement them in a project with great social relevance.

Long-term goal

In refugees’ countries of origin large amounts of (concrete)debris are present because war and natural disasters have caused enormous damage to the built environment. The aim of the project is to reuse these precious resources in the reconstruction of these countries by using innovative concrete-technologies. Our goal in the Netherlands is to realize affordable housing with and for residence permit holders in order to improve the allocation process and flow from asylum seekers’ centers to society.

The problem

• 30-40% of the inhabitants of the asylum seekers’ centers already have a permit. However,
   the allocation process and flow towards society comes to halt. Therefore, there is a need
   for flexible homes that can be build quickly.
• During the reconstruction of the countries of origin, knowledge, technology and experience is needed in order to build cost-efficient and sustainable homes.

The solution

Together with (temporary) residence permit holders, we want to design, develop and realize low-cost housing in both the Netherlands as well as in the country of origin by using sustainable concrete technology and reused materials.

The project

In the Netherlands, we want to build different types of homes linked to a asylum seekers’ centers that can serve as an example for recycling of concrete, a technique that can be used in the reconstruction of countries of origin. Asylum seekers will be able to participate in every stage of the project. The focus of the project will be on:
- Recovery of raw materials from concrete debris
- Production of concrete blocks of concrete rubble that can be stacked
- Production of concrete by using 3D technology printing on location
- Manufacture of concrete structures by using balloon technology

Property Type 1:
The Mobile Factory: From concrete rubble, blocks are pressed and then stacked in order to build a house according to the design of a refugee.

Property Type 2:
By using the Cybe technique, a house designed by a refugee will be printed on location by using as many recycled concrete as possible.

Property Type 3:
By using the balloon technology, a house designed by a refugee will be deposited into the desired shape on site.

Property Type 4:
Application of different techniques in order to contribute to the needs of the residence permit holders and residents from the country of origin.

Multiple designs are made based on the property types. A total of three houses will be realized in the region linked to the asylum seekers’ centre and this process will be repeated in the country of origin.

The added value of the project

For the residence permit holders:
• An opportunity to gain relevant knowledge and experience.
• Increase employment opportunities in the construction sector.
• A commercial opportunity to develop housing in the country of origin.
• Meaningful use of talents for the benefit of Dutch society and the society of origin.
• Housing for residence permit holders

For the country of origin:
• Housing designs that meet local needs and are suitable for reconstruction
• Affordable housing
• Adapting new technology
• Support during the reconstruction
• Knowledge and trade relations with the Netherlands

For the Netherlands:
• Affordable housing for residence permit holders
• Sustainable homes (recycled materials and recyclable housing, 60% lower CO2 emissions, etc.)
• Concrete innovation from the Netherlands will be further investigated
• Export opportunity of sustainable and innovative knowledge about concrete
• Positive contribution of the Netherlands to reconstruction areas

The consortium

To achieve the realization of the houses, a consortium has been formed by parties (GFSC, Rietveld Group, Smartcrusher BV, CyBe, The Mobile Factory, Orcem, CSR Netherlands and BetonBallon Technology) who have knowledge of concrete technology, processing of concrete rubble, the design and production of concrete elements and the construction process itself.

What we need

For this project we are looking for a location where we can demonstrate our technologies and build the first houses. We are also looking for (co-)investors.
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