Unravel Tirupur is looking for investors to reduce the garment waste mountain together

We want to collect Indian cutting waste (5 million kg/day) from the factory and recycle it.
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Unravel Tirupur is looking for investors to reduce the garment waste mountain together

Our mission is to set up enough shredders (different fabric compositions and colours) to recycle all cutting waste from Tirupur, together with used Dutch clothing. To achieve this we are looking for investors.

Incineration in the Netherlands

Every year, the Dutch collectively buy about 170 million T-shirts. At the same time, approximately 230 million kilos (!) of used clothing is burned in the Netherlands every year, or 1,219,000,000 kilos of CO2 emissions. By setting up a closed loop we want to prevent this from happening. This is what it looks like: in the Netherlands, old, used clothing is collected. We send the clothing to India (Tirupur), where the stripping, fiberising, spinning and knitting takes place. We add residual waste from the Indian textile industry. New garments are produced from these new fabrics.

Objectives at production sites

  1. We focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals;
  2. We involve local and international NGOs in our policy development;
  3. We support Minister Ploumen's women's policy and want to create an almost 100% women's company;
  4. Internal education and training, including English lessons, management courses by local and international NGOs;
  5. Come to a 0% pollution level.

Implementation at fellow companies

Once everything has been scaled up, we offer fellow producers a cheaper yarn and/or cloth. With this, one sells a cheaper product, or one earns a larger margin. This advantage can amount to a 25% reduction of the raw material price for a buyer.

However, we do set conditions for this:

  • The buying company must implement the UN SDGs step by step;
  • This process is monitored and supervised by local and international NGOs.

In this way we work together on chain responsibility.

We also guide these companies in their exports, because the demand for ecological products in Europe will increase.

Ecological = cheaper!

Working on and producing ecological products leads to a win-win situation.

  • In the Netherlands, CO2 emissions are decreasing;
  • From used clothing we make new clothing, this leads to a decrease of new raw materials;
  • As a result, less pesticide consumption in India and therefore less pollution;
  • Less water is needed to grow cotton;
  • Because of our closed loop there is 0% pollution.

The first steps

The total cost to start the first project amounts to 1.3 million euros. This includes a shredder installation, solar poles, trucks and modifications to the building. Please contact us for a detailed explanation.

This gives us the capacity to produce 16 million T-shirts on an annual basis. Quite a start. Then we can share our technology with others and jointly expand and scale up. The objectives of the Dutch government are to achieve a 50% circular policy in 2025 and a 100% circular policy in 2050. This means an enormous increase in circular orders in the future.


You build up a new process step by step and you do this together with partners. In order to implement the plan in Tirupur and the surrounding area, a lot is needed, because around 40 million kilos of cutting waste are dumped and/or low-grade every day. But also look at the opportunities: these are 160 million T-shirts.

The yarn that we produce we sell again with a revenue model of 30 cents per kg. We put this profit into training and labour improvements, for the employees and women in Tirupur.

Will you help us?

Who wants to help us and invest in making the textiles in Tirupur more sustainable? We would like to talk to companies/investors who want to tackle the pollution and waste mountain in Tirupur together with us.

Or conversations with textile factories to achieve environmental improvements and better working conditions.

https://www.circulairondernemen.nl/uploads/406f6fcd17061132620aa12f51e76b69_large.jpg https://www.circulairondernemen.nl/uploads/4749557c250aac9938cdbb3d62b26928_large.jpg
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Marieke Xia
Marieke Xia

Fusion Clothing heeft een duurzame kledingfabriek in Tirupur! Ik heb je toegevoegd aan hun uitdaging, zodat je contact kan leggen met Shishir. Hier een link naar hun uitdaging: https://futureproof.community/challenges/fusion-clothing-is-looking-for-brands-retailers-for-sustainable-clothing

29 May 2018 13:47
Afra de Leeuw
Afra de Leeuw

Hi Marieke, misschien kun je meedoen aan Circular Power in 24 Hours om extra matches en idee├źn op te doen! Zie: https://www.circulairondernemen.nl/bibliotheek/circular-power-24-hour

15 January 2018 15:36