World's largest circular economy database is seeking for your input

The Circular Economy Club database currently showcases more than 3.000 CE-related initiatives around the globe. Is yours on the list?
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World's largest circular economy database is seeking for your input

The Circular Economy Club recently launched the largest open-source database on the circular economy (CE) related initiatives in the world. Why? To document - in one location - CE initiatives that already exist to help foster CE-collaboration. The database currently showcases more than 3.000 CE-related initiatives around the globe. Is yours on the list?

First, the tough-but-obvious news: a complete transition to a circular economy (CE) is an uphill battle. Saying goodbye to the linear system to which we've all become accustomed requires dramatic and (sometimes) overwhelming collaboration and action. Okay, that's your daily dose of reality. Chin up now, because there is still lots of good news—and we've still got work to do.

The future of circular

All of this brings us to you. You've decided you want to buy into the CE. Perhaps you care about conserving the planet's resources, or maybe you simply want to experience some of the financial windfalls the CE is expected to bring. Or possibly all of the above?

Whatever the reason, you have realized that the CE is the future, and you want to make it happen. So? Now what? What’s an effective first step?

Stronger together

The Circular Economy Club (CEC), a London-based nonprofit network of more than 2,600 circular professionals and organizations in more than 60 countries, has a pretty solid answer: share your circular knowledge! Circular is stronger together.

What does this mean for you? First, a little background.

Earlier this year, the CEC launched the largest open-source database on CE-related initiatives in the world. Why? To document - in one centralized location - CE initiatives that already exist. Using input gleaned from CE supporters worldwide, the database currently showcases more than 3,000 CE-related initiatives around the globe from more than 100 cities and 60 countries. Circular Economy Club founder Anna Tarí believes this database will help create a unified community of CE proponents who have a vast array of skills and represent nearly every industry.

All of this data is necessary to organize efforts, allowing us to say "goodbye" to linear and "hello" to circular. To make this transition, it is essential we understand what is already being done and by whom. We wanted circular economy advocates to document what they are doing or share what they may know about different circularity issues in the database. So far, that mission has been successful.

This initial accumulation of information is an important first step for those who are seeking a way to contribute in a simple, immediate fashion. The next steps, currently in development, will encourage CEC members to take tangible action. Speaking of CEC members: The CEC is open to all and free to join. For more information or to join, visit our website.

Share your circular adventure

Are you interested in adding your own circular information to the database? Share your circular know-how today at the CEC website.

Key CEC Database Findings

  • Of the CE-initiatives highlighted in the database, approximately 62 percent were based in Europe. The remainder came from North America (12 percent); Latin America (11 percent); Asia (10 percent) and Africa (6 percent).
  • A quarter (25 percent) of the CE-initiatives cited in the database involved using waste as a resource (e.g., recycling, compost, energy from waste, etc.), which was the most common CE-strategy reported.
  • Most initiatives (71 percent) are associated with the private sector, while the fewest initiatives (5 percent) represent educational institutions.
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BK Soni
BK Soni

First & foremost, if I may please dare to say that Circular Economy is not a challenge but a Parallel Business Opportunity starts from the end of the consumption of the product developed for the original purpose. One who is Devoted to Develop the Circular Economy is actually a great human being Recreating the Nature. Circular Economy is the need of the hour, not only because we have drawn too much from the natural resources but also we are responsible to replenish what we have withdrawn from our bank account.

Our company, Eco Recycling Ltd (Ecoreco) is in the business of Circular Economy since 2005 in India and we are very fortunate that we could replenish the withdrawal to some extent. We will be very pleased to provide our solution to the Global market especially to the developing world, who may not afford high costs. Typically our solution is consisting of three major steps, one Training of the Local Team, Transport Mechanism for the movement of material, Technology Deployment (Training>>>Transport>>>Technology) Model.

27 December 2018 08:20
Harrouzi Abd elhamid
Harrouzi Abd elhamid

Ik sta tot uw beschikking voor samenwerking en duurzame ontwikkeling, evenals een win-win-partnerschap +213668675844

14 November 2018 21:43