Global Food Waste Management: An Implementation Guide for Cities

16 mei 2018, 12:30 - 15:00. Blue City (Rotterdam), Gratis

Global Food Waste Management: An Implementation Guide for Cities

16 mei 2018 12:30 - 15:00

The World Biogas Association and the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group Food, Water and Waste Programme invite you to the international launch of Global Food Waste Management: An Implementation Guide for Cities

With special guest The Mayor of the City of Rotterdam

When: 16th May 2018, 13:00-15:00 CET

Where: Blue City, Maasboulevard 100, 3063 NS Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 

What: The first international launch of a practical guide for policy makers on food waste reduction, collection, treatment and policies written by the World Biogas Association in collaboration with The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group Food, Water and Waste Programme. 


Globally, about one third of all food produced is lost or wasted along the management chain, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental issues, wasting tremendous resources in the production processes, and making recyclable materials in the waste stream harder to recover. As human population urbanises and grows, cities have an opportunity to build on experiences from around the world to reduce their food waste footprint, recover nutrients from food waste, reduce GHG emissions from renewable energy generation and improve their overall waste management systems. 


The report sets out: 

 the experiences of cities around the world in coming to terms with their food waste; 

 the best practices for preventing and reducing food waste; 

 an overview of collection systems to ensure clean food waste is brought to treatment; 

 food waste treatment alternatives, from windrow composting to anaerobic digestion; 

 the use of outputs from the various treatment processes and how to best valorise them; 

 the policies needed to ensure food waste is sustainably managed. 


Why should you be there? The launch event, hosted by the Mayor of Rotterdam, is an opportunity to see the report first, meet the authors, hear from leading speakers about experiences and challenges, take part in a Q&A session, meet the press and media working on these issues, and benefit from the networking opportunities of this prestigious event. 


How can you register? 

Attendance is free - you can register by emailing The launch will begin at 13:00 and end by 15:00. For security purposes you should be in the room by 12:30. 

Spaces are limited by the size of the room to 100 persons, so registration is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. 



Moderator: Freek Van Eijk, Acceleratio BV 

12.00-12.45 Registration 

13.00 Welcome and introduction David Newman, President, World Biogas Association 

13.05 Why better food waste management is crucial in the global fight against climate change 

By video link: Ricardo Cepeda-Márquez, Technical Lead - Food, Water & Waste Programme, 

C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group 

13.20 Report presentation to the Mayor of Rotterdam 

H.E. the Mayor of Rotterdam Mr Ahmed Aboutaleb 

13.30 An overview of the report 

Dr Sarika Jain, lead author, World Biogas Association 

13.40 The Netherlands’ policy on food waste management and best practices 

14.00 Holland Circular Hotspot – sharing food waste-related best practices with the world 

Herman Bavinck, Program Director, Holland Circular Hotspot 

14.20 Blue City and its work 

A presentation by Sabine Biesheuvel 

14.30-15.00 Q&A, followed by refreshments and press interviews 


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"Global Food Waste Management: An Implementation Guide for Cities" produced by The World Biogas Association & C40 Cities will be launched with special guest The Mayor of the City of Rotterdam.