DIF 2018 - What if we could redesign everything?

06 - 23 November 2018. Free

What if we could redesign everything? Join the world's largest online festival of ideas.
DIF 2018 - What if we could redesign everything?

06 - 23 November 2018

Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF) is an online platform which aims to shift mindsets and inspire action towards a circular economy. It invites people to share disruptive ideas and stories on a number of topics, attracts a worldwide audience, sparking critical conversations and participation through a combination of live interviews, films, and podcasts.

Ever wanted to talk about that brilliant thing you've done that's changing the world? Ever wanted to do it in front of a massive global audience that is completely engaged in celebrating innovation, creativity and progress? I have some good news... 

The DIF team are on the look-out for designers, entrepreneurs, educators and other innovators who would like to speak at DIF 2018. Deadline for application is October 1st.


When is it on?

6th - 23rd November 2018

Where can I join?

The DIF is fully accessible online at thinkdif.co.

Who is behind it?

The DIF is curated by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

Who contributes at the DIF?

The DIF shares disruptive ideas and stories on a number of topics to spark conversations with a global audience.

Types of sessions include:

- DIF Studio - live sessions from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation studio.
- DIF on Air - live sessions streamed via Google Hangouts.
- DIF Films - pre-recorded visual content.
- DIF Podcasts - pre-recorded audio conversations.

Sessions featured at the DIF are often organised by external organisations who showcase their latest thinking and activities. Universities, companies, entrepreneurs, thought-leaders and authors have all been regular contributors to the DIF in recent years.

Are sessions in different languages?

The DIF’s working language is English. However, some pre-recorded content may also be subtitled in other languages.

Why is it free?

The DIF is a crowdsourced event which provides empowering open access for contributors who want to showcase their new ideas, thinking and initiatives with a global audience.

Join us on the 6th - 23rd of November 2018!

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