Mission: Driving a New Plastics Economy in Indonesia

15 - 22 November 2019. Surabaya, Indonesia

Develop a circular economy in Indonesia by starting demonstration projects with Indonesia and Dutch stakeholders.
Mission: Driving a New Plastics Economy in Indonesia

15 - 22 November 2019

MVO Nederland is developing several demonstration projects under the umbrella of the MoU on Climate Change, Waste Management and Circular Economy that the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management have signed in 2016. Join us on our mission to Indonesia from 15-22nd of November 2019.

The objective of the demonstration projects is to support public and private parties in developing the circular economy with regards to plastics (‘a new plastics economy’) in Indonesia by stopping plastic leakage into the environment, improving waste collection, sorting and recycling and developing the market for recycled plastics.  The geographical focus of the demonstration projects is Bali and East Java.

More concrete these demonstration projects help you to:  

  • To work on implementation of the Jakstrada on provincial and municipal level and realizing the sustainability ambitions of Indonesian and Dutch companies with regards to plastics; 
  • To realize concrete examples on the reduction on plastic use in your business and value chain, stopping plastic leakage into the environment, achieving 100% recyclability of your plastic products and packaging, and increasing the recycled content in plastics products in the Indonesian economy; 
  • Contact interesting partners in the Netherlands to achieve the above for the Indonesian parties; 
  • Support in exploring the market in Indonesia for your expertise, technology and/or products for Dutch stakeholders.

The possible demonstration projects are: 

  • Scaling up present successful TPTS examples in Surabaya region and on Bali 
  • Collection of mixed plastics at household level and the informal sector combined with innovative sorting and recycling 
  • Setting up waste collection from the Welang river focusing on plastics and diapers; 
  • Development of the market for recycled plastics of all types
  • Stimulating circular procurement (private and public sector);  
  • Support of professionalization of recycling companies; 
  • Support of strategy development of the province of East Java on waste management. 

Concept Mission Program

15 nov: Meeting/networking session with Dutch companies in Surabaya

16 nov: Site visit recycling company

17 nov: Visit waste management program

18 nov: Visit recycling company or waste managemnt company on Bali

19 nov: Meeting with province of East Java and local stakeholders

20 nov: Meeting province of Bali and local stakeholders

21 nov: Meeting with tourism industry on cicrular procurement

Take Your Share!

Are you interested to take part in the mission or do you want more information about the demonstration projects?  Send an email to i.nennie@mvonederland.nl. 

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