Five Million Euros Available for Climate Neutral and Circular Purchasing

Governments and public organisations are invited to give an extra impulse to climate neutral and circular purchasing in 2018 through their purchasing power.2018.
Five Million Euros Available for Climate Neutral and Circular Purchasing

The Dutch government, together with all stakeholders, wants to give a big impulse to transition towards a climate neutral and circular economy. Governmental organisations can support this ambition by actively steering their purchases in a certain direction.

A lot of governments and public organisations work on their 'corporate responsible purching' (in Dutch: Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Inkopen (MVI)). There are already more then 150 parties connected to the Manifest MVI. A next step is to share knowledge and experience with much more governmental organisations and to apply these concretely in the own organisations.  Therefore in 2018, the government makes 5 million euros available from the climate budget for climate neutral and circular purchasing.  

All governments and public organisations are invited to cooperate in giving an extra impulse to climate neutral and circular purchasing in 2018.

What can you expect?

This year about one hundred purchasing projects from municipalities, water authorities, provinces, governments and other public organisations are receiving support from an expert. This includes tenders that are prepared or conducted that have a substantial effect on CO2 mitigation and/or circulatiry.

Governments and public organisations are invited to submit a project. Also ideas for collaborations (of governmental organisations) with purchasing ambitions in the field of climate targets and/or reuse of resources are welcome to participate. 

Your pilot or project will be practically 'on-the-job' supported, for example by adding necessary knowledge about sustainability or by guiding the consulting or exploring of a market. 

Product groups that are expected to generate relatively much resource and/or CO2 reduction are, amongst others:

  • Energy
  • Catering
  • Buildings
  • soil-, road- en waterconstructions
  • ICT (hardware, datacenters, applications)
  • Office interior
  • Transport (own vehicle fleet and contracted transport)
  • Occupational clothing
  • Healthcare

Next to that you can make use of the thematic learning networks, based on some of the above mentioned product groups and much more.  In these networks, experiences are shared, research for the application of innovative concepts is done and research is executed in collaboration with the market. 

One Megatonne of CO2

TNO has calculated that in this governmental period we can save one megatonne of CO2 if governmental organisations together maximally deploy for climate neutral and circular purchasing. Let's go for this! With one hundred purchasing projects and with the learning networks this year as governmental organisations we give an enormous impulse. 

How do you participate?

If you want to participate, you can find more information and the conditions on the website of PIANOo (website van PIANOo)
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Corine Verkleij
Corine Verkleij

Beste Joram, Bovengenoemde regeling is inmiddels vol. Bovendien is de regeling bedoelt voor (decentrale) overheden en andere publiekrechtelijke organisaties. Wel zou je eventueel aan het leernetwerk 'Samenwerking Overheid & Markt' kunnen deelnemen. zie de link in een eerdere reactie.

23 August 2018 15:29
Joram Dees
Joram Dees

Wij zijn bezig met het ontwikkelen van een ecommerceplatform om bedrijven en consumenten te stimuleren meer duurzaam/eerlijk/lokaal (in) te kopen. We zijn hierin nog op zoek naar ondersteuning/financiering. Valt dit hier ook onder?

23 August 2018 14:57
Corine Verkleij
Corine Verkleij

Beste Victor, had je deze oproep van PIANOo al gezien? "Hoe geef je als overheid en markt samen vorm aan klimaatneutraal en circulair inkopen? Meer leren en ervaringen delen, meld u aan voor het leernetwerk Samenwerking Overheid & Markt. Voor overheden en bedrijven (opdrachtnemers)"

19 June 2018 10:43
Victor Franke
Victor Franke

Is er ook een adres waar je als leverancier/fabrikant van circulaire producten je gegevens kan invullen??

25 May 2018 15:05