FLOOW2 brings asset sharing platform to UK businesses

After internationalising to several countries like Australia, Canada, Germany, Scandinavia and Georgia, Floows b2b sharing platform is now heading for the UK.
FLOOW2 brings asset sharing platform to UK businesses

Attention on the sharing economy is growing rapidly and with the advancements of digital technologies, sharing marketplaces are now a reality in cities all over the world. Next to that, more and more people and businesses are starting to realise that there is an extensive amount of unused materials and an increase in wasted resources.

So, it's time to transform our world to a zero waste society. Essentially, sharing assets are an integral part of the development towards a more circular economy, in which loops are closed.

Worldwide available

In 2012 FLOOW2 launched their b2b sharing platform in the Benelux, with the aim to make the new business model worldwide available to all kinds of companies, active in various sectors. After internationalising to several countries like Australia, Canada, Germany, Scandinavia and Georgia, the b2b sharing platform is now heading for the UK.

Swap, sell and share

The FLOOW2 platform enables businesses, (healthcare) organisations and government agencies to swap, sell and share underutilised equipment, facilities, services, waste and the knowledge and skills of personnel with other companies. It brings organisations an entirely new business model that enables them to drive down costs, maximise the use of assets and resources, and improve their sustainability focus. An innovative solution that still helps businesses grow financially, but in a more sustainable way.

"We see a globally growing mind-shift from ownership to access. Many businesses in Europe are already using FLOOW2 to share capacity, including hospitals, large industrial companies or SME’s located at industrial areas. But our goal is to create a global sharing economy, so we’re glad to collaborate with Doug Morwood to enter the UK this year as well." – Kim Tjoa, Co-Founder FLOOW2.


Transform UK businesses

Together with UK business partner Doug Morwood, expert on circular economy, FLOOW2 is planning to help transform UK businesses into future-proof businesses, by enabling them to implement an entirely new business model: sharing assets. FLOOW2's proven sharing economy initiative is a great solution to more efficiently utilise products and resources. This will also help transition our society from a linear to a circular economy. An economy in which today's waste will be the resources of tomorrow and in which collaboration between companies is the ingredient to success.

"The underutilisation of resources is a huge waste which has detrimental impacts on our businesses, our society and the planet. FLOOW2’s platform can help the transition from ownership to access and help advance the establishment of a Circular Economy in the UK and globally – reducing waste and maximising resource efficiency. I’m delighted to be joining Floow2 as UK partner and to collaborate in delivering the global vision." – Doug Morwood, UK Partner,  FLOOW2. 

Win, win, win

The sharing marketplace gives its users the possibility to facilitate the sharing of their assets and services, in a secure and transparent environment. Some examples for organisations: they can realise additional turnover by renting out their assets to colleague companies, or they can lower costs by renting temporarily from other organisations as opposed to buying additional capital. Or even share available equipment internally amongst the organisation’s own entities, operational sites or departments, reducing the volume of required capital and thereby costs. Win, win, win!

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