Latitude in Regulations for Green Growth: looking for solutions together

Latitude in Regulations for Green Growth: looking for solutions together

Sometimes, as an innovative company you may get held back by legislations. Our advice: especially don’t give up. Because with the arrangement Latitude in Regulations for Green Growth there is still every chance to find solutions.

Some Playspace in Regulation. Literally.

Rules space in a program of the Ministries of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure and Environment to enable innovative investments. It encourages innovative investments by businesses, by removing obstacles in legislation and regulations.

A solution in 3 steps

Step 1: Retrieving obstacles to entrepreneurs.

Step 2: Analysis of the obstacles. Searching for a solution with policy and implementation services. Sometimes the obstacles are of an operational nature and we can find a solution with relative ease. Sometimes the obstacle has a more structural nature and we need to adapt laws and regulations. The issue, however, may also have a fundamental character, which calls for a policy debate with a political choice.

Step 3: Feedback of the solutions to entrepreneurs, and through the website. So other entrepreneurs can also benefit from the booked process.

Examples of accomplishments

Already a considerable number of obstacles have been resolved. For example: many entrepreneurs did not know what the precise quality requirements were for adding green gas to a natural gas network. Research by the program has resulted in the Gas Act, which was amended on 1 October 2014. In this amendment the quality regulations for inserting and extracting gas from the gas- network were written down. Another good example is one with organic residual, which was until recently considered as waste. This forced companies to apply for a waste management permit. In March 2011, an amendment to the waste regulations (Environmental Management Act, Article 10.1a) came into force with lighter regulations for entrepreneurs in the bio-based economy.

Have an obstacle?

Do you experience a barrier for your green initiative by current legislation and regulations? Please check the website of Latitude in Regulations or mail to

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