Smart Waste Centres: Europe-meets-local 'zero waste' solutions

Turning waste into happiness! Solving the (plastic) waste crisis in emerging and developing countries
Smart Waste Centres: Europe-meets-local 'zero waste' solutions

SweepSmart is an Indo-Dutch start-up offering zero waste solutions to companies and municipalities in emerging/developing countries based on European waste management principles radically innovated to the local context. 

Our 'Smart Waste Centres' collect, segregate and recycle waste, sustained by selling recyclable materials and a collection fee. Operated by former waste pickers, they are equipped with Europe-meets-local hardware, IT and processes that work in the local context in emerging and developing countries:

- Proprietary design sorting conveyor belt which incorporates smart European elements but is small, cheap, simple and manufactured locally

- KPI dashboard which monitors collection, recycling, productivity and financials, in order to manage the facility and feed information back to the company

- Operating package of operations, maintenance and QHSE processes and training to get the centre to run independently.

We have set up four best-in-class Smart Waste Centres in Bangalore and Indonesia, where we have drastically improved capacity, recycling and working conditions compared to waste pickers working on streets and landfills, or in very primitive centres. We work together with local governments, citizens, NGOs and waste management companies to set up these centres and make our mission reality. Currently we are setting up another 12 centres in India.

The centres are economically sustainable by selling the materials to the existing recycling market and a small collection fee. They save money for municipalities and the local communities by preventing waste transport to landfills, managing landfills, and the external costs of pollution, groundwater contamination, etc. Companies already pay service fees to a local company to dispose of their waste, but they dump it at landfills. So if they work with SweepSmart, as much of the waste as possible is recycled and the rest is disposed safely so it does not create pollution. This makes the entire value chain more circular and much more responsible! 

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