Antrekk makes sustainable clothing for outdoor enthusiasts

Antrekk creates qualitative and functional clothing for outdoor enthusiasts based on a responsible production strategy.
Antrekk makes sustainable clothing for outdoor enthusiasts

Antrekk is a sustainable enterprise within the clothing industry. We stand for quality going hand in hand with responsible entrepreneurship and love to show a good example ourselves.

About Antrekk

Antrek delivers sustainable and responsible clothing for outdoor enthusiasts, like hikers and skiers. Antrekk is established in 2016 as a company in outdoor and sports clothing located in the 'sports city' of Heerenveen, the Netherlands. The name is originally Norwegian and means 'outfit'. The initiators are enthusiastic sporters themselves.  Antrekk is therefore devoted to creating qualitative and functional clothing with a responsible production strategy. 

Sustainable Brands

Our collection contains clothing from, for example, the Czech family company 'Kama Fashion & Function'. They produce their products with care and love ánd with a focus on care for people and the environment. The company is the number one in the Czech Republic in the area of quality, functionality and original design of hats, woolen sweaters, scars etc. They make use of Bluesign®  certified wool and yarns.

Also, Sensor Activewear is a supplier that consciously chose for the production of their products inside of Europe. As the products are destined to be sold on the European market it is a logical step to also produce the products there. Sensor is specialized in the production of thermal underwear

European products

We chose for only products of suppliers that produce qualitatively great products produced in a responsible way. Antrekk consciously chose to sell European products and not to include products produced through mass production outside of Europe in its collection.  


According to us, sustainable entrepreneurship contains multiple aspects, like good labor circumstances, fair prices and a focus on the environment. Hence, Antrekk sells clothes made of fleece, like fleece vests. Fleece is produced from recycled PET bottles and therefore originates from a waste stream. Our fleece products are produced in an environmentally friendly way in the Czech Republique. 

Personal advice

Finally, we find it very important to offer personal advice to our customers. In this way, Antrekk shows that quality and responsible entrepreneurship go hand in hand.
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Sanne van den Dungen

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