Breaking the pattern: every company can now directly improve biodiversity

We would like to get in touch with preferably bigger companies willing to carry out a pilot with us.
Breaking the pattern: every company can now directly improve biodiversity

Biodiversity loss is one of the most pressing challenges for our planet Earth. And therefore for us. Biodiversity is the motor behind a planet that can give us what we need. We depend on it for the food we eat to the clothes we wear. 

Through a complex web of long and often nontransparent supply chains, companies in agrifood and non-food are linked to production landscapes, that are only able to produce because of the existence of biodiversity. Biodiversity loss and climate change are threatening these landscapes. Nature^Squared has developed an approach to help any company make a direct and positive impact on climate change and biodiversity. And we are looking for companies who want to pilot with us!

Companies are facing numerous environmental challenges. By working towards restoring nature, we can support companies to tackle major issues such as climate change, water quality and -availability, and soil quality. Luckily, this does not have to be difficult. We have developed a ready-to-implement approach which allows every company to become fully sustainable at the source, while leaving your efficient supply chain intact.

Our Solution

Nature^Squared has developed a unique approach: making the highest positive impact on climate and biodiversity, while using the lowest investment. By connecting the two ends of the supply chain – farmers and brand owners – direct impact can be made at low costs. In short, farmers will receive a significant premium from brand owners, for implementing practices that have a positive impact on biodiversity directly. We work with farmer groups that produce the volume of the primary ingredients for a company’s final products. We keep costs low by combining two mechanisms. Firstly, by working volume-based, we don’t have to map entire supply chains and implement expensive chain of custody management systems.  Secondly, through making direct connections, we also prevent margin escalation throughout the supply chain, such as when every cent of premium going to the farmer, would cost up to a ten-fold at the end products. These mechanisms also allow us to start making a positive impact straight away, instead of the years it takes to map each step in your supply chain. By being directly linked to farmer groups, the positive impacts will be imminently visible and easy to communicate.


Our approach has been piloted with two companies; one in sustainable sportswear and one in physiotherapy supplies. We are now ready to expand and start working with additional companies. Our approach is suitable for every company and has an added value for companies that source through complex and nontransparent chains; as our solution can deal with that effortlessly, while many other approaches require large upfront investments, in order to map each step of the supply chain. It can also help brand owners to solidify their reputation or realize their ambition of being or becoming a sustainable brand.

About Nature^Squared

Nature^Squared is a project office based in Amsterdam, working in the field of biodiversity and natural capital. We see the global and rapid trend of biodiversity loss as one of the greatest challenges for humanity. At the same time, we are convinced that investing in biodiversity and ecosystem restoration provides a great opportunity for generating positive results for business, society and our planet. This is why our mission is to bend the curve of biodiversity loss by connecting ecology and economics. We work towards our mission in several domains: rural areas, nature-based solutions (NBS), companies & supply chains, and international landscape restoration. We collaborate with governments, companies (from SMEs to multinationals) and NGOs in the Netherlands and abroad.

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