Closing the Loop – Understanding the mobile phone chain

Closing the Loop makes phone use circular! Thanks to innovative services, Closing the Loop makes the entire supply chain of phones sustainable.
Closing the Loop – Understanding the mobile phone chain

The Dutch company 'Closing the Loop' understands the mobile phone chain, and is therefore capable of making the use of mobile phones circular. For every step in the chain – purchase, reuse and disposal – it has developed services that make sustainable use possible.

Phone's raw material-neutral purchasing

With the ’One for One’ program, Closing the Loop offers organizations the opportunity to make the use of new mobile phones circular. They compensate for raw material consumption – resulting from the purchase of a new telephone – by linking it to the collection and responsible recycling of an old telephone. Comparable with CO2 compensation, but then for scarce metals.

Reuse phones free of waste

The same approach is also used to give end-of-life mobile phones a circular second life. By linking each used telephone – which is sold on the second hand market – to the collection of the telephone’s waste, they ensure that reuse does not lead to more e-waste in the wrong places.

Recycling electronic waste

Closing the Loop buys unusable mobile phones at a fair price from the various countries and sells the waste to advanced recycling factories. The majority of the metals in the mobile phones can thus be recovered and reused: raw materials that would otherwise be lost to a large extent. In this way, the pressure on metal mining in mines is reduced. Closing the Loop has now recycled more than two million phones. The aim of Closing the Loop is to recycle 80% of all mobile phones through intensive collaboration with various parties in ten years’ time. Closing the Loop has provided around 4,000 people in developing countries with extra income and has saved about 50 tons of electronic waste from ending up on the garbage dump. They have helped clients such as ING, KPMG, Schiphol and city of Amsterdam to make their telecom policy more sustainable.

Everyone benefits

Closing the Loop offers every organization that wants it an easy and effective way to make their telecom policy sustainable. This approach ensures that polluting and unhealthy jobs dealing with waste collection and separation disappear and are replaced by clean jobs. This gives a boost to local economies and entrepreneurship – Closing de Loop generates a responsible source of income for people in developing countries. Closing the Loop also sees opportunities for training the local population in the recycling of their waste.

The Best Practices

Holland Circular Hotspot (HCH) wants to support international cooperation on the circular economy, with the aim of creating business opportunities and promoting the exchange of knowledge and innovation. In the magazine Circular Is Going Global - Join Holland's Flow you can read which circular best practices the Netherlands has to offer.

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