Clothes the Circle: the Indian-Dutch Textile consortium

One of the INDUS projects that MVO Nederland is working on, is Dutch textile consortium Clothes the Circle
Clothes the Circle: the Indian-Dutch Textile consortium

One of the INDUS projects that MVO Nederland is working on, is Clothes the Circle. A Dutch textile consortium that strives for sustainable clothing production in the Netherlands and India. This consortium consists of local fashion brands, parties in waste management, and specialists on circularity, logistics and sustainability.

Circular revolution in the textile sector

Millions of kilograms of leftover scrap fabric are thrown away each year. These pieces of fabric end up on a huge pile, which is then considered waste. It is either burnt or used to raise land/drain wet patches of land. In addition, we also have a huge pile of worn clothing that is either ‘down-cycled’ or burnt as well.

In close collaboration with MVO Nederland and supported by the Dutch government, these parties want to set up a Dutch-Indian platform, where relevant businesses involved in textiles can join forces to make the concept of sustainable textile a reality. Our goal: To produce sustainable, and affordable textile products on a large scale. To work with materials that are often 100% recycled, and circulate in a transparent, CSR-friendly Indian production chain. We mainly focus on pre-consumer textile waste, but also include post-consumer textile recycling.

Consortium Clothes the Circle

The consortium consists of the following parties:  de Boergroep/Frankenhuis, UPSETI-didMesh Works, SympanyOmar Munie, La Tortue Management, Enviu , Pure Renewables and MVO Nederland.

Together, they form a circular production chain, with the following core values:

  • Circularity: Making use of total waste management solutions, we want to end the enormous flow of (post-production) textile waste. This will be turned into 100% recycled yarns and products of high quality, at a competitive price. Our group of partners can create a sustainable total waste management system, covering the entire production chain.
  • Decent working conditions throughout the entire production chain: The production of yarns, fabric and clothing takes place in India. This is done sustainably, focusing on proper wages, responsible working hours and working conditions.
  • Environmental safety: On top of circular production, it is also important to minimize the stress on the environment. We will avoid toxic substances, turn to ecological dyes and minimize the carbon footprint as much as possible.
  •  Transparency: This should be an essential aspect of each production chain. Open communication is the norm and our efforts need to be objectified so that they can be tracked.
  • Up-scaling: By not only focusing on the production of clothing, but also on circular yarns and fabrics, we also give other producers the opportunity to join in on our initiative.

Here's a visual of the Clothes the Circle production chain:

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