Dekowood wood chips: circular surface for playgrounds

Dekowood wood chips: circular surface for playgrounds

Based on the principles of the circular economy, sustainable procurement is a must for governments at every level. Reuse of old materials will become more and more important in the near future. Dekowood looked for ways to make their own products circular and this is one of the solutions we found.

Circular economy

The concept of the circular economy seems to offer a promising alternative to the current linear model. Circular economy is all about maximizing reuse of products and commodities and minimizing value destruction. One of the main haracteristics of the circular economy is that raw materials and natural resources are not exhausted, but are efficiently recycled by companies, thus making the product chain full cycle.

From waste to raw material

With Dekowood, we want to contribute to a clean and sustainable country. This means:

  • Sustainable handling of natural resources,
  • Efficient handling of our raw materials,
  • Smart product design,
  • Longer use and reuse of objects,
  • And the optimal use of residual flows.

In short, a transition is needed towards a circular economy in which the occurrence of waste and emissions is prevented. Our program Van Afval Naar Grondstof (From Waste to Raw Materials) is an important part of stimulating this transition.

Children and awareness of reuse of materials

Everyone agrees:  children should be able to play safely and pleasantly. These two themes come together in the products of Dekowood: the ideal, sustainable base for playing facilities. In times when resources become more scarce and therefore more expensive, it is especially important for children to be aware that raw materials will not be infinite and that reuse is the best alternative.

Raw material scarcity

Shortages by overconsumption and large population growth in the near future, force us to change the way we think and act. Up until 2000, commodity prices fell, there was sufficient supply, and society embraced the "disposable" consumption. But since 2000, average commodity prices have risen considerably, and companies in some sectors are increasingly exposed to supply risks and sudden price fluctuations. These fluctuations are caused by, among other things, the limited availability of raw materials, energy, clean water and fertile soil. The linear model has become untenable. The circular economy can provide financial benefits, by reducing transport distances, minimizing inputs of raw materials and eliminating waste and pollution.


Dekowood wood chips fit into the principles of the circular economy, but they even have several lives:

  •     From wood to pallets
  •     From pallets to wood chips
  •     From wood chips to soil cover → compost → biofuel


Dekowood consists of soft, splinter-free wood chips, made from recycled clean pallet wood. The product has been certified by TüV Nederland and is successfully applied to hundreds of playgrounds in the Netherlands. Dekowood is a multi-purpose friendly alternative to rubber tiles, tree bark or sand. A Dekowood floor has a lifespan of many years and is also suitable for reuse as compost, raw material, weed-resistant soil cover or biofuel.

Dekowood wood chips are made with an environmentally friendly pigment that protects the fibers from harmful weather influences, so our product lasts for years. Customers can choose from a variety of attractive woods.

Also in financial terms, Dekowood is an interesting option. Compared to natural alternatives, you can save money on the purchase, construction and maintenance of Dekowood products.

The benefits in short:

  • A 100% natural and durable product
  • Excellent empowerment
  • Child-friendly
  • Beneficial in purchase, construction and maintenance
  • Based on the principles of the circular economy

For more information visit our website.

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