FiliGrade B.V. solves plastic problem with watermarks

FiliGrade b.v. had the solution to large-scale plastic recycling: the use of invisible watermarks.
FiliGrade B.V. solves plastic problem with watermarks

FiliGrade B.V. has the solution for large-scale reuse of plastic in Europe. Plastic has fantastic properties, is often irreplaceable but the waste problem is great ... In fact, this is a sorting problem, if it can be sorted optimally, each of the fractions becomes reusable and therefore even has economic value.

About FiliGrade B.V.

Filigrade was founded in 2015. At our company we work with 10 people. We are convinced that our planet needs to be passed on to the next generation. This is in our genes, and that is why in recent years we have developed a product with which we can contribute to this objective. More about Filigrade in the video below: 


Mixed plastic has virtually no application and therefore, it has no value. Since 2015, FiliGrade has been working on the problem of sorting and thereby recycling all kinds of plastics. The solution is that FiliGrade has developed a digital watermark that can be applied during the production of plastic products and/or packaging, cheap and efficient.

Plastic with its own 'DNA'

With this watermark, the plastic product has, as it were, its own DNA. Bottles - large and small -, dishes, crates, jerry cans and even films can be provided with a watermark. In the waste separation, the watermark is read and the plastic with watermark can be automatically sorted by its properties, after which many more plastics than now can be fully recycled. In the European context (PetCore), in close cooperation with producers, processors and the EU, is currently being tested which method will ultimately be preferred: watermarks or (chemical) tracers.

Want to know more?

Recycling starts with optimal sorting. We like to come into contact with parties that are willing to apply our technology, such as plastic producers, waste collectors and recyclers. 

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