Green Life Act - For a sustainable humanism

More than an organization, GREEN LFE ACT is a family and a multi-disciplinary caravan fighting vulnerabilities and promoting circular economy. It is the actions that speak, let's create change !
Green Life Act - For a sustainable humanism

The world is increasingly facing enormous social, environmental and economic problems. we propose a sustainable humanism and proximity. Concretely, it is an inclusive solidarity that we wish to impulse in this world in search of well being. More than an organization, GREEN LIFE ACT is a family. Our words are our actions. Let's act then!

Who are we?

Green Life Act is a common initiative group created in June 2017 by passionate
and experienced young people. Based in Yaoundé, it mainly covers three areas of

  • The circular economy
  • Social action
  • Hygiene and local environmental education

Our goals

Green Life Act aims to:

  • Promote the circular economy
  • Promote local and community environmental education
  • Promote the hygiene and sanitation of public and private places
  • Promote Green Humanism
  • Promote local territorial marketing

Our projects

The organization groups together a number of projects, each with a social and
environmental dimension. These include:

Social kit: A humanitarian action project that consist in collecting clothes, footwear and other useful objects that people in the city do no longer or not, sorting them, repairing them if
necessary, cleaning, ironing and then to packing them to offer to the needy previously
identified in the cities and countrysides of Cameroon, in a logic of charity and solidarity. This
project reduces waste in our cities and helps the needy to regain a minimum of dignity and

PAJIP: A program of support for young people. It aims at the orientation, training and
practical accompaniment of young people in search of employment and especially self-
employment. The vast majority of the members of the CIG are students of the International
Relations Institute of Cameroon (IRIC), so it is appropriate to join the various skills to help
the vulnerable groups so that they can benefit from a support for socio-professional

Repair café: Organization of learning workshops on a specific theme related to the circular
economy, project for the vulnerable people (elderly and street children)

Christmas in color: One-time project that consist in offering gifts to orphaned and needy
children, giving a smile to vulnerable person through charity.

Circular Economy Platform: Organization of training and awareness-raising workshops on
the circular economy

Green Volunteering: Also known as "Useful time for all", this project aims to initiate, train
and develop in young people the spirit of volunteerism and general interest.

Eco-consciousness: A project aiming at sensitizing urban and rural populations on the
protection and preservation of the environment, with an emphasis on training and education in
conservation and enhancement of our mother nature.

Wax Heritage: A project to manufacture accessories and gadgets from falls of fabrics, plastic bottles and other recyclable materials, with a view to their commercialization on the national territory and internationally. The incomes help the organization finance its social activities.

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