GRIHA certification for green building materials in India

Providing nationally recognized certification for sustainable buildings and building elements in India.
GRIHA certification for green building materials in India

In recent times, the market of green building products has increased manifold. This has helped increase the availability of green building products, but the ever-increasing range of products has made the building professionals unsure about whether a certain product meets the green/sustainable parameters or not. This is where GRIHA Council comes in.

Hesitant to adopt green inventions

The problem of stubble burning in India is a well-documented issue and there are a variety of solutions on how to address this. One of the upcoming technological interventions to this issue of stubble burning in India, is exploring the potential of producing particle boards using waste paddy straw-based cellulose (stubble waste). However, while the technology is successful, a key issue with developing a business model around manufacturing of particle boards from stubble waste is hesitancy in the market to accept these products as suitable for building and construction purposes. As a result of this, producers of particle boards find themselves not able to access the market to sell their products leading to issues with the business.

What is GRIHA?

GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) was adopted as the national rating system for green buildings by the Government of India in 2007.  GRIHA is a rating tool that helps people assesses the performance of their building against certain nationally acceptable benchmarks. It evaluates the environmental performance of a building holistically over its entire life cycle, thereby providing a definitive standard for what constitutes a ‘green building’.

Some highlights of GRIHA so far:

  • 1200+ projects;
  • 650,000+ MwH energy savings;
  • 70000000 sq.m GRIHA footprint;
  • 530,000+ ton CO2 emission reduction.

The GRIHA Solution: Stamp of approval for producers of green building products

In order to assist the building professional in selecting the products which help meet the GRIHA parameters, the GRIHA Council has launched the GRIHA Product Catalogue. The intent of this catalogue is to provide information about products which meet GRIHA parameters to the architects, engineers, builders and other building professionals for use in their GRIHA rated buildings.

It is highly recommended that green building product manufacturers (such as Particle Board manufacturers) apply for registration on the GRIHA website. The online application process is easy to follow and allows for validation of the product as per the standards adopted by the Government of India.

Upon gaining validation, manufacturers show the market proof that their product is viable and can attract vendors. This directly affects the business which indirectly assists in establishing a solid business model for converting stubble waste into particle boards. The GRIHA Council welcomes companies involved in manufacturing of particle boards to collaborate in developing and disseminating sustainable building technologies.

For further discussion please contact: Mr. Akash Deep, Senior Manager Trainings & Rating Review, GRIHA Council, E:

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