Hulaaloop – A Subscription for children's clothing

Hulaaloop lets parents get acquainted with a subscription on children's clothing in a sustainable way.
Hulaaloop – A Subscription for children's clothing

Hulaaloop dreams to change the (children's) clothing industry through making circular entrepreneurship visible. They let parents get acquainted with a subscription on children's clothing in a sustainable way. The parents pay for the use of the clothing, while the clothing stays property of Hulaaloop. They want to stimulate reuse of children's clothing.

Sustainable Children's Clothing

The idea for a circular model for children's clothing started about two years ago when the two initiators, Emma and Puck, got a child at the same time. After twelve years of friendship, they became business partners and so Hulaaloop started at the beginning of 2017. Both being moms, they encountered the fact that children outgrow their clothes in a fast pace and in a short time you collect a lot of clothes. The use of children's clothes could be cheaper, easier and more sustainable. Through a subscription on children's clothing, Hulaaloop sends you new clothing every time your child grows out of them and takes back the old clothes. Hulaaloop collaborates with sustainable children's clothing brands like Little Label, Tapete, Icecream Bandits, and Imps & Elfs, but also with different local entrepreneurs in Amsterdam West, like Suikertantes and GildeLab.  


Clothing subscription

Hulaaloop developed a circular business model in the clothing industry. In this industry waste and pollution are big issues. In the by Hulaaloop developed concept, the consumer is no longer the owner of the products, but pays for the use only. This concept is applied in only a few companies in the clothing industry. By collaboration with Dutch children's clothing brands, Hulaaloop purchases both old and new collections, to give a new life to resting stocks of these clothing brands.

A Sustainable Mindset

By offering a way to let parents purchase their children's clothing in a more sustainable way Hulaaloop hopes to create awareness by the parents of sustainable choices and possibilities within the clothing industry. By offering practical advantages with the children's clothing subscription, the sustainable contribution of Hulaaloop's business concept is a nice addition. 


The Best Practices on

This story of entrepreneurship is one of the 'Best Practices' on the Dutch website (a website that highlights Dutch cirular business initiatives). 'De Groene Zaak' searches for the most innovative, inspriting and successful examples in the field of circular entrepreneurship for 'Nederland circulair!'. At this moment, there are already 100 Best Practices identified and published.
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