Mycelium packaging: Grow it Yourself

Grown.Bio grows material out of mycelium and rest-streams, promoting sustainable materials over plastic-based materials
Mycelium packaging: Grow it Yourself

Grown.Bio grows material out of mycelium, which is the roots of mushrooms. By doing so, we can grow products such as packaging, building panels or interior design objects.
We support the transition towards circular economy, by creating a biodegradable product based upon rest-streams and nature, whilst being CO2 negative...

Mycelium is part of a fungus and binds biomass together acting as a natural glue.  

In a mould, any product shape and size can be 'grown'. The process takes approximately 5 days, after which the  product is taken out of its mould to be dried in an oven. This will inhibit the growth process of the mycelium and therefore creates a solid material!

Products made with Mycelium can be seen as a sustainable alternative to plastic based materials.. And due to its properties, it can perfectly serve as protective packaging or insulating panels.

Mycelium products are completely biodegradable. In fact, they form a healthy compost for a garden: when broken into small pieces, the parts will biodegrade within several months.

Not to forget, instead of emitting CO2, we store CO2 when making our materials.. The mycelium is a living organism, that during its growth process captures CO2 from the atmosphere and stores is in the material. How amazing is that!

Want to know more?

Interested in our products, or looking for more information? Or… do you have an idea of something to make with Mycelium? Let’s do it! Feel free to contact us:

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