P2Clothing: Recycled t-shirts from Tirupur, India

A better world with t-shirts of recycled yarn
P2Clothing: Recycled t-shirts from Tirupur, India

Demand for textile products keeps increasing, but the textile industry is facing environmental challenges. We have a commitment to new generations to leave this world clean and resourceful. Polyester production leads to CO2 emission and cotton production to water depletion. Our solution: t-shirts of recycled yarn. Would you collaborate for a better world?

About P2Clothing

When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.

This is where we as a factory believe in. We are a t-shirt factory from Tirupur, India, active in the textile exports field since 1976. In the past, we used to pollute the river water in Tirupur/Tamilnadu/India. Now we want to show the next generation that we will have to think differently in making a living by feeling responsible for our environment. Therefore, we are investing time in recycling our textile.

What we offer

In our factory, we have the facility to produce cotton and polycotton knitted t-shirts from recycled, open-ended yarn. Since the yarn is already colored, we can produce yarn-dyed stripes, mélange (mixed yarn) and solid-colored t-shirts. These can be printed or washed for special effects. But most importantly, these recycled t-shirts cost less than newly produced T-shirts. We can produce about 10.000 recycled garments a month. And we can also manufacture shopping bags and towels with this yarn.

Looking for a partner

We are already selling to many t-shirt manufacturers located in Tirupur, India. However, we want to make a bigger impact with our recycled t-shirts and are therefore looking for partners that could help us scale up to Europe. What we need is a partner company to engage a potential designer who can design a garment which can be sold to wholesalers/importers/department stores. I undertake to manufacture fabric, process and make the garments and ship them to the buyer. I offer to share the profit mutually.

If you are interested, please get into contact with us, match your challenge or company to our solution or write in the comments below. Hope to hear from you!

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