Straw Blocks Systems builds industrial and ecological with residual straw

Enabling sustainable, ecological and affordable construction.
Straw Blocks Systems builds industrial and ecological with residual straw

Building with profiled straw blocks is the answer to the new circular economy worldwide and in the region. Straw Blocks Systems supplies the machines and the end product for this, making sustainable, ecological, flexible, quake-proof and affordable construction possible. In case of demolition, the materials are still suitable for reuse as (a.o.) fertilizer!

Residual material as a new building material

Straw Block Systems B.V. from Gelselaar develops and builds advanced, high-quality machines for modern straw construction that are unique within the European Union. These are electrically driven (power current) machines, which we rent out and sell. The machines can make different shapes of straw blocks with a minimum of time-consuming settings.

As a major consumer of energy and raw materials, the construction industry has to break new ground. Grain, primarily intended for food, offers a solution. The residual material straw is inexpensive and can be processed with a minimum of energy and processing into a high-quality and flexible building material with fantastic insulation values. Both thermally and in terms of noise.

Affordable equipment with prefabricated elements

Straw Blocks Systems has been working for several years on the development and construction of (patented) mobile production machines for modern straw construction. These machines have already been fully tested in practice. Straw Blocks Systems' profiled building blocks are then processed into prefabricated elements with a lightweight wooden frame. Suitable for facade, floor, roof and interior walls.

Lego-like blocks

The final product is a range of profiled, Lego-like blocks made of pressed straw, with a multitude of shapes and sizes. As a result, almost any desired structure can be realised without any finishing of the straw blocks. The blocks can be realised in any desired shape (e.g. straight, round or curved, for flat or dome-shaped roofs). The prefabricated walls can be finished in various ways. With wood, loam, lime or a transparent coat/impregnate. In this way, the pressed straw parts can also remain visible and be given a decorative function.

Affordable, relocatable buildings

Straw Blocks Systems offers the unique concept of compostable, demountable and, if required, relocatable houses and buildings. This form of innovative, modern and efficient ecological building is combined with optimisation of the production process, in which automation and robotisation is a goal for the future. This fits in with the objective of making affordable building possible in this way as well!

Wherever possible, Straw Blocks Systems seeks cooperation with various parties in order to accelerate the process of 'greening' construction - and thus the economy.
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Remond Molenkamp
Remond Molenkamp

Straw Block Systems is een mooie oplossing voor ecologisch bouwen. Pim Hondeveld heeft o.a. de stroblokken geleverd voor het strobouwproject IEWAN in Lent (Nijmegen) waar ik als kartrekker/bouwteamvoorzitter bij betrokken was. Mooi product - geweldig project - fraai resultaat!
(Remond Molenkamp)

11 June 2018 12:58