Texool upcycles used textile

Texool upcycles used textile. We are always looking for new partners to start new projects.
Texool upcycles used textile

We specialize in recycling and upcycling of used textile products. Our mission is to create, innovate, teach and share the benefits of helping the environment. In the last 7 years, we have saved 3 billion liters of water, 2.1 million KGs of CO2 and replaced 400 million plastic bags with our upcycled totes and fashion accessories. 

About Texool

50 Years ago, Texool started entered the recycling business through the recycling of different fabrics and different products, such as woolen products, blankets, construction materials and materials from the automobile industry. We later industrialized ourselves and focused on production of recycled yarn for both the domestic market, and international markets. Today, we are strategically located on the northeast coast of India, in Kandla Special Economic Zone. Our startup of Upcycling Old Hotel Bed and Table Linen into a line of Bags and Fashion Accessories, won us few national awards like The Indian Most Innovative Textile Product and Top 100 SME Award. 
 Our brands “I AM NOT A VIRGIN” and “I AM SO WASTED” have become a popular label for upcycled/recycled products. 

Where do we source from?

The fast fashion industry has only made availability of old clothing easier, as it has always been abundantly available from the western countries. Collection of such old textiles is very organized in countries/regions like the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Korea and Japan and is easily shipped to India, Africa, Pakistan and the such, either for recycling or reuse. This is how we acquire the materials for our products.

Our products

Our Recycled Yarns are ideal for Blankets, throws (furniture cover) and even blankets for animals. Our upcycled products have an even greater positive impact, since there is minimal use in water and power (see infographic). The ability to produce over 10 million upcycled products annually is not only a possibility, but a reality. This is an ideal solution for retailers, corporates, CSR-practices or a (promotional) gift. In short, anyone that wants to source more sustainable textiles. Most importantly, we are audited by Control Union for GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and are able to certify our products as recycled.   

Further growth 
We want to keep expanding our business and reach more people. Upcycling is not a new phenomenon, but doing it at an industrial scale is something that not that many people specialize in. Along with this, comes the lack of awareness and acceptability of this concept in India. These are some of the challenges that we currently face. Our plan for the future, is to extend to a fully circular project. For example, recycling old t-shirts to produce similar and new concepts in combination with other textiles. Would you like to partner with us on this project? Do you have knowledge and/or resources to share? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.  

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