The Smarter Bottle: eliminates harmful plastics & environmental waste

Sustainable design & technology for food & health, including consumer-friendly packaging that is safe & easy to use, with intelligent solutions to reduce food waste & minimize packaging materials use.
The Smarter Bottle: eliminates harmful plastics & environmental waste

“The Smarter Bottle” is designed for consumer beverages and other liquid products. The bottle is cap-free, straw-free, spill-free and self-closing. This consumer-friendly solution uses minimal packaging materials and is recyclable, collectable and sustainable to benefit the circle economy. The bottle is even very easy to open using only one hand!

About Vivia Foundation

Vivia Foundation designs and develops projects which have global impacts, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Programs are distinguished by their promising innovative solutions which can be applied in the food, health, and environmental sectors. One of the foundation’s sustainability programs tackles smarter packaging. 

Next generation packaging features

“The Smarter Bottle” is made of flexible, recyclable and bio-based materials. Our packaging is designed and pre-tested for a variety of customized shapes and sizes of consumer beverage and liquid containers. An air bubble “pops” at the top to open the bottle, thereby replacing the typical removable bottle cap.  Then, the bottle is squeezed to dispense, consume, or use. “The Smarter Bottle” is consumer-friendly and it does not spill after opening, even if the bottle is turned upside down. There are no loose plastic pieces, tear strips or caps. This new sustainable design for beverages and liquid products offers greater customer convenience. The packaging is simple, safe, lightweight and easy to use.

Contributing to the circular economy

The Smarter Bottle may contain various liquid products, including milk, water and fresh fruit juices, soups, oils, cleaning liquids, personal care products, etc. Packages can be self-closing and food safe. These packages reduce environmental waste, using minimal packaging materials, and much less energy and water for safe product processing and packaging production. Package recycling and collection is both easy and less expensive, reducing waste, litter and microplastics in the environment. 

Committed to sustainability

Vivia Foundation and its technology partners are committed to the continued development of a wide range of sustainable packaging solutions. Other packaging systems have been designed and developed for customer-convenient sustainable packaging solutions for snack foods, condiments, fresh vegetables, powders, fish, meats, and frozen goods, in addition to consumer products and household goods. These next generation “smarter” packaging solutions are customer-friendly, easy to use and include many sustainability features applicable to consumables and industrial products. These market-ready new technologies are covered by patents worldwide. Questions or suggestions?  Feel free to leave a comment below or contact us directly.

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