The Traveller and the Olive Grove

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The Traveller and the Olive Grove

Albania is a developing country in the heart of the Mediterranean. Tourism is slowly developing as well as agriculture. Big challenges such as illegal building, unclear land titles and a lack of vision for a sustainable future have made the developments of the past years unstructured and messy. An example of a sustainable model is needed.


This project is a direct result of research done by CSR Netherlands on sustainable business development and research by Cityförster on opportunities for coastal development.
This case is in the phase of analysis and we are working on the outlines of different business cases for individul entrepreneurs, cooperations and the local community.


During the past period we have worked together in a cross sectoral team on agriculture, landscape architecture, architecture, tourism and hospitality coming from Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. This resulted in a week of field research and on the spot designing and business case development in Qeparo, Albania together with a large group of local entrepreneurs and organisations involved in agriculture, tourism and spatial development. 


The goal of this project is a replicable model for cross sectoral development of an area. Bottom up from the needs of all stakeholder groups. Connecting different sectors to create maximum added value for the local economy.

Next steps

In May we will present the model as well as individual business cases to potential partners and stakeholders in Tirana.


This case is relevant for people from Qeparo and decision makers from other area’s facing similar challenges and looking for a model by which to tackle these challenges. It is also relevant for organisations and initiatives interested in a cross sectoral, integrative approach of challenges on a local scale.

Challenge and invitation to the community

I would very much like to share experiences with people on circular models and a cross sectoral approach. Especially the business dimension and finance implications.

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