Innovation Expo 2016: Sustainable Urban Delta

Innovation Expo 2016: Sustainable Urban Delta

Recently the largest innovation event in the Netherlands took place: The Innovation Expo. For one day Amsterdam-Noord was the innovative living lab of the Netherlands. With more than 5500 visitors, 200 exhibitors and 25 meet-ups, the Innovation Expo was a success. Here you will find an impression of the day and some of the most impressive innovations.

High-level visitors

During the Innovation Expo many people exchanged ideas, made new plans or received an award. All the ministers of the EU Councils on Transport and on Environment came to visit, as well as several members of the European Commission. The Netherlands’ Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, hosted a talkshow with disruptive innovators. The minister of Economic Affairs arrived on a 3d-printed bicycle and opened a completely biobased house.

Biobased house

The Innovation Expo started with the opening of the biobased house, created by Patrick Schreven of the construction company ORGA Bouw. He handed Minister Kamp the keys, after which the house was filled with interested parties. Almost all materials that were used are sustainable.  The house is built of wood, the insulation material of wood fiber, the walls were painted with linseed oil paint and the carpets were made of old fishing nets. The electricity comes from clean energy: solar panels at the roof and electricity was locally generated from living plants. A high-tech house in a green jacket, which is already for sale on Funda.

Sustainable Urban Delta

“This is where the power of the Netherlands lies! Abroad people look with envy to the Netherlands. The city of San Francisco, which sets worldwide standards when it comes to high-tech looks with great admiration to us and sees the Netherlands as one of the key partners to do business with. Simply because we are very good at some things. And because we are a nation of entrepreneurs, a nation where people do not have any respect for hierarchy and thus are very creative”, said Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, during the launch of the Sustainable Urban Delta. He stressed the importance of cooperation for the benefit of technological innovations. One of these innovations is the electric and self-driving car. Rutte expressed - with a wink - the VVD dream to asphalt the rails in the future and to create an innovative self-managing motorway.

Green Deals en City Deals

At the Expo many deals were signed. Minister Kamp of the Netherlands, signed five new Green Deals, including the Green Deal Green Roofs. In addition, two Green Deal Awards were awarded. The jury called the Green Deal Haarlemmermeer an initiative with courage and vision. The other winner was an initiative where many parties have contributed to. 70 parties were involved in Green Deal Zero Emission Urban Transport, which seeks to ensure that town centers in 2025 are free of emissions. In addition, the City Deal Warm Welcome to Talent was signed. By signing this City Deal, the municipalities Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Groningen and The Hague want to make the Netherlands more attractive to foreign entrepreneurs.

Challenge City of the Future

Hemel(s)water en BlueCity010 were the big winners of the Challenge City of the Future. Out of 160 entries, the initiative Hemel(s)water received the first prize by the jury, led by Daan Roosegaarde. The initiators of Hemel(s)water see rain water as the solution to global issues regarding the access to adequate and safe drinking water by using rainwater in the city. There was also a second place for the projects gewildgroei and Buiksloterham Circular. BlueCity010 was chosen as the public winner. The initiators of BlueCity010 are building a circular economy in the former Tropicana pool in Rotterdam.

Impressions and follow-up

The Innovation Expo was a very successful event where pioneers, innovators, entrepreneurs, research institutes and governments have put the Netherlands on the map as an innovative Sustainable Urban Delta. Watch an impression of the day here. Please see in order to find exhibitors, speakers or visitors you met. The organizers like to see the Innovation Expo as a 'swarm' of innovative people that landed in Amsterdam on this day. You were part of that swarm and therefore they invite you to stay attuned and give it further direction.

Photo credits: Innovation Expo 2016
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