Kwintessentieel massage searches sustainable solution for headrest covers

To reduce the amount of paper trash for massage practice
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Kwintessentieel massage searches sustainable solution for headrest covers

What a waste! More than 22.000 (sports & wellness & incompany) masseurs in the Netherlands using single used paper headrest covers. I am Desiree Rosier from  Kwintessentieel massage in Leiden. Striving to work, buy and sell as earth friendly a I can.

The most earth friendly manner

I would like to find out what the most earth friendly manner is to reduce or reuse or recycle my headrest covers. And if we find a solution or can think of an innovation, reach out to the massage community to do the same.

What is the best solution?

I've been trying to find the best solution to reduce my headcover waste: some paper covers can even be washed I found out, but what does that do to my footprint ? I can use eco-cotton covers, but they also have to be washed and might wear out rappidly, becasue every client needs a clean cover. As well as in the practice (1 clinet and cover per hour) as for chairmassage purposes (3 clients per hour)

Looking for suppliers

I have been looking for suppliers that turn natural fibers (eg nettle,  sounds great ?) into covers and suppliers that can deliver sustainable circulair solutions. And did not find them yet. Could you help me to find and choose the most earth friendly solution? Or is there someone that is interested to create one? I did recenlty find a producer that creates paper  from plants in my  region (071 area) and will contact them also.

I don't have the knowledge yet to turn this into a great potential business case with sound figures yet.
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Désirée Rosier
Désirée Rosier

Thnx Lonneke, I use Welltoch Oeko-Tex standaard 100 now, cellulose.

24 October 2019 19:38
Lonneke Michiels
Lonneke Michiels

Hi Désirée, could you specify the material of the covers?

24 October 2019 14:39