MUD Jeans - Giving jeans a third life

MUD Jeans is a sustainable way to produce jeans. The product line of MUD Jeans uses fabrics that contain 40% recycled denim, is leased to the user, and is eventually upcycled or recycled.
MUD Jeans - Giving jeans a third life

Environmental agencies have calculated that for the manufacturing of 1 pair of jeans, 8000 liters of water are needed. Moreover, the cotton industry is responsible for a quarter of the world’s pesticide usage.

Lease scheme

These numbers shocked Mr. van Son and he decided to take action with his product line of MUD Jeans. His brand of jeans uses fabrics that contain 40% recycled denim, a true innovation. However the most innovative part is its lease scheme. By leasing out their jeans, MUD Jeans keeps its product within their product cycle. Every returned pair of jeans will be recycled into a new product and the customer will receive a new pair of jeans.

Upcycled and recycled

When turned in, the old jeans will be upcycled to ’vintage jeans’. After that product cycle, the jeans will be reused in other clothing products. The old jeans are sent back to their factory in Italy where they are mixed with organic cotton and in the end made into new threads. Resulting in a lower demand for new cotton from the field. Even the labels on the jeans are made from organic cotton and are printed with organic ink.

The Best Practices

Holland Circular Hotspot (HCH) wants to support international cooperation on the circular economy, with the aim of creating business opportunities and promoting the exchange of knowledge and innovation. In the magazine Circular Is Going Global - Join Holland's Flow you can read which circular best practices the Netherlands has to offer.

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