Tax benefits for 'green' savers and investors with Green Investment

Green sustainable projects benefit environment and future of the Netherlands
Tax benefits for 'green' savers and investors with Green Investment

Green and sustainable projects provide a positive impact on the environment and secure a future for the Netherlands. The Dutch Government supports these green projects with this regulation. Green Investments aims to encourage (long term) financial support on innovative projects through tax benefits for investors and savers.

Green Investment, for a sustainable future

Starting on April 1st the Green Investment regulation supports the most innovative developments in environmental technology and current main topics on environmental plicy. The improved regulation provides new projects a chance on sustainable finance. 

For whom

There are 2 options to apply for this regulation:

  • You are a 'green' saver or investor
  • You are an investor using green financing

In order to invest or save you money in a green and sustainable way you can contact your bank to explore options. Most banks offer green savings and investments opportunities that provide tax benefits. 

Are you interested? Your bank will handle the application. Read more (in Dutch).

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