Plastic reduction guidelines for hotels

Inspiration: Plastic reduction guidelines for hotels
Plastic reduction guidelines for hotels

Over the past few years, the TUI travel organisation has considerably reduced the use of plastic. Melvin Mak, Manager of Sustainability, has real, concrete solutions that he gladly shares with other companies in the tourism sector. See his “Plastic reduction guidelines for hotels” here.  

“We all know that plastic is a big problem, both for the appeal of a destination - no one wants to have a holiday on a beach full of plastic waste - but certainly also for the environment. Tourism often focuses on coastal areas, where the likelihood of plastic ending up in the water is quite high. We must make sure that the planet is still healthy and appealing for travellers 50 years from now.”

“So, both from an environmental and business perspective, we must eliminate plastic waste. Since last year, the topic has really become a priority for TUI. We implemented considerable reductions in various segments of our company: in 2018, we used 140 million fewer units of plastic and we aim to expand this to 250 million units in 2020.”

“Our most important measure is that we have simply decided to take action. That may sound odd, but talking about this won’t help - something has to be done. What have we done? We have, for example, replaced the small soap and shampoo packaging at various accommodations with dispensers, we no longer use plastic bags in the garbage bins and we are continuing to add more and more water taps instead of using water bottles.”

“There are 1001 other examples that we would more than happy to share. That is why we have compiled our solutions in our Plastic reduction guidelines for hotels. This is a set of practical guidelines that we distribute to our own hotels and also make public on our website. We really hope that other companies will also implement these guidelines so that we can expand the impact reducing the amount of plastic in the world. It’s not rocket science - the guidelines include many relatively simple actions you can implement straight away. We hope companies will use it to their advantage.”

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