Use Cupbite cookie cups for coffee instead of paper cups

Reduce paper waste for coffee to-go: use edible cookie cups
Use Cupbite cookie cups for coffee instead of paper cups

Coffee is one of the most sold product in the world. And with hectic lifestyle we use more and more paper cups with our coffee to-go.  

Cupbite offers a zero-waste alternative: cookie cups for coffee. You can drink coffee and eat the cup. 

We designed cookie cups with the environment in mind: delicious and zero-waste alternative to a paper cup. Packed in bio-degradable packaging, cups have four months of shelf life. Edible cups have a better CO2 footprint, comparing to paper. 

We want to improve the experience of a coffee to go, buying coffee in our cup gives you a 2-in-1 product.

140 ml of the volume is enough for most drinks modern coffee bar serves. And to fit with your menu, even more, we develop two new sizes:
• a bigger cup of 170 ml,
• espresso cup.
Each cup can also be wrapped in a tiny paper ring with your branding.

We want to run pilot programs with coffee-bars, caterers, and offices who want to be more sustainable.
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