Kromkommer - Combating food wastage

Too thin, damaged or crooked. 10% of all vegetables in the Netherlands is thrown away, but there's often nothing wrong with it. Kromkommer tackles food waste, by making soup with crooked vegetables.
Kromkommer - Combating food wastage

The mission of Kromkommer is to save all crooked or leftover vegetables and fruit from the waste bin. To prevent food waste, Kromkommer makes soups from crooked vegetables, such as zucchini, pumpkin or beet soup. And it does not stop there, because Kromkommer wants to keep growing and save food.

Beauty is skin-deep

About ten percent of vegetables in the Netherlands are thrown away, because they do not satisfy accepted norms, even though there’s nothing wrong with the way they taste. Kromkommer (literally ‘crooked cucumber’) saves these vegetables and turns them into something new, such as soup, and sells it at some 200 sales points. Fundamental to combating this wastage, according to Kromkommer, is collaboration with other partners. To this end, the ‘Krommunity’ has come into existence, an association of parties across the whole of the food chain: from growers and restaurants to shops and, of course, the consumer.

In 2018, Kromkommer hopes to get the first unsorted Kromkommer fruit and vegetables on store shelves. After all, at the end of the day, who’s going to notice whether the cucumber in your salad is crooked or not?

Who's going to notice whether the cucumber in your soup is crooked or not?


The Best Practices

Holland Circular Hotspot (HCH) wants to support international cooperation on the circular economy, with the aim of creating business opportunities and promoting the exchange of knowledge and innovation. In the magazine Circular Is Going Global - Join Holland's Flow you can read which circular best practices the Netherlands has to offer.

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