100.000 PV panels for tenants

Provide 100,000 solar panels for tenants in 2017
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100.000 PV panels for tenants

The rental housing sector lacks significantly when it comes to renewable energy sources. However, it is very important to invest in renewable energy sources in this sector in order to become climate neutral in the Netherlands by 2050. Our goal? Provide 100,000 solar panels for tenants in 2017. Which housing corporations and landlords join?

Separate fund

We see that making homes more sustainable often does not yield the desired return. The shareholders aim for a market-based return in the short term, while the profit from investing in renewable energy will pay out in the longer term. Sustainability through a separate fund can therefore provide a solution. INNAX and Finance Ideas have started a partnership and have established an institutional financing fund to invest in renewable energy. This is done through a transparent open book approach, with the aim of depriving landlords and ensuring sustainability.

There is currently a lot of capital available at low interest rates to invest in sustainability. The PV Fund unveils this capital and allows real estate owners to separate capital for property from capital intended for investment in sustainability. The yield requirement for sustainability is thus lower than that of real estate capital, making it possible to make long-term investments and invest in the development of renewable energy sources while the tenants also benefit financially.

Financial and sustainability benefit

Investing in solar energy has beneficial financial consequences. This plan guarantees about 25 million kWh of renewable electricity generation and a saving of more than 13 million kg of CO2. In addition, both tenants and landlords benefit from favorable national schemes that make the installation of solar panels and the production of solar energy financially attractive. In addition, it leads to a rise in property value (studies of the University of Maastricht). Per house an average of about 2000 euros is invested by the PV fund on high-rise and low-rise buildings.

Benefits for tenants

Per group of tenants we set up a energy-cooperation, with members of the cooperation being the tenants of the complex. This cooperative lends money from the homeowner or INNAX and provides a PV installation for the roof or for the people in the 'postcoderoos' areas. This postcoderoos is a tax measure for individuals in a cooperative who want to generate renewable energy in the vicinity of their living environment. This construction allows INNAX to organize groups of tenants with protective special legislation.

Every month, members pay a small amount of "solar rent" which will pay the INNAX / PV fund loan. The cooperative deserves the sale of the flow generated by the panels, thus covering all costs. Members earn back the solar rent via the energy tax return + VAT on the generated power (12.2c per kWh), via their energy bill. For example, the panels can be laid on the roof of an apartment building, but there are also other possibilities: the construction of PV weides, for example. Tenants can choose whether they join the project. This collective sustainability also has a social dimension, increasing tenants' involvement.

We are looking for residential corporations and landlords!

Thanks to this construction we detract from tenants and landlords. In a simple way we combine the forces and provide real and much needed results. We have already completed about 40 percent of our target of 100,000 PV panels. We therefore seek enthusiastic parties who wish to join this project.

Who helps us achieve the goal of 100,000 PV panels in 2017?

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