Ecowings Bags: Will you develop a new circular bag with us?

We are looking for a launching customer to jointly produce professional laptop bags from recycled truck tyres.
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Ecowings Bags: Will you develop a new circular bag with us?

Ecowings produces professional laptop bags from recycled car tyres in a social organisation in India. Would you like to develop a custom-made sustainable bag with us? There is a possibility for co-branding! We offer the expertise and experience to make beautiful sustainable bags from strong materials and with a sophisticated design.

Waste is our raw material

We breathe new life into discarded car tyres. As a result, this waste becomes a high-quality raw material again. Ecowings has made more than 10,000 bags since 2012 and has thus saved about 4,000 tyres from incineration. Not only does Ecowings take ecological issues into account, but also social issues. Design and production take place in a workshop, located in a green environment on the outskirts of the Indian city of Indore. Here Ecowings offers employment and training to twenty local craftsmen. They earn well above the standard wage and at the same time acquire practical and social skills.

Along with the market

The circular economy is penetrating world markets. Ecowings' ambition is to sell 20,000 bags within four years in order to generate as much impact as possible. The upcycled products can be purchased online as well as in physical stores in Roermond, Amersfoort, Bunnik and Breda. We have the expertise to make bags from car tyres in a socially and environmentally responsible way. For more information we would like to refer you to our solutions on the community: "Professional Recycled Rubber Laptop Bag" and "Ecowings - Car Tyre Laptop Bags".

Dutch partners wanted!

In addition to our standard collection of laptop bags, we now want to develop a new bag with a Dutch partner. Every company, from fashion brand to bicycle manufacturer, can commit to sustainability. In this way, together we can create a larger sales market, and thus also ensure more impact! Do you know marketing and would you like to profile yourself with a sustainable bag? We would love to hear from you! Leave a message, match a solution, or contact us directly:, +31 651077126.

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