Khanem Fashion is expanding and looking for sustainable manufacturers

Looking for sustainable and honest materials in Sri Lanka and India
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Khanem Fashion is expanding and looking for sustainable manufacturers

Here in the West, you can buy a good bra wherever you want, but in Iraq comfortable and fine lingerie is not self-evident. Our lingerie brand is sold by female shop assistants in a woman-friendly environment. We are now eager to expand online and we are looking for manufacturers with sustainable fabrics and products.

From lingerie to empowerment

Khanem (pronounced as: ganem) is a Kurdish word for woman. So it is not that surprising that we called our brand Khanem Fashion: the concept is by and for women. The store sells various brands of lingerie, like its is known from the Hunkemöller. After four years of being successful with the store, we would like to expand through online sales. In order to realise this, we will need a larger supply.

In search of sustainable manufacturers

At the moment, we are sourcing existing brands from Europe. However, we are now looking for sustainable and honest manufacturers in countries like Sri Lanka or Tunisia, to introduce our own lingerie lines (Private label) in the market. It is about the following materials:

- chiffon

- satin

- tulle

- organza

- muslin

- velvet

The quantities should be between 300-500 metres.

Own atelier

Besides importing sustainable lingerie from abroad, we also want to open our own atelier in Kurdistan, Iraq. In this atelier we will be mainly producing baby dolls. Therefore, we will need sustainable fabrics. The sewing ateliers make it possible for Khanem to produce its own designs sustainably, responsibly and locally. Our sewing atelier will offer support, training and a fair salary for the women who work for us.

Match your solution

Are you a producer or do you know a producer of the materials we are looking for? Match your solution to this challenge by clicking the button below. Suggestions? Please write in the comments. We are looking forward to the reactions.

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Roosmarie Ruigrok
Roosmarie Ruigrok

Je kunt contact met mij opnemen groet! Roosmarie

02 April 2019 17:01
Fioen van Balgooi
Fioen van Balgooi

Hier is een lijst met beurzen waar je kan kijken: en hier een lijst met webshops kleinere hoeveelheden stoffen:

26 March 2019 16:09