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Plastic Pact NL

We can rightly say that we live in the plastic age. And the use of plastic has its downside. That is why we call on governments, leading companies and organizations to join forces and tackle the plastic problem: by signing the Plastic Pact NL.

The Plastic Pact NL is an initiative of more than 70 organizations and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. With the signing of the Plastic Pact, your organization commits itself to the goal of 20% less plastic in 2025 and more recycling and sustainable alternatives. Do you want to reduce your plastic use as well? Join the Plastic Pact NL.

Met het ondertekenen van het Plastic Pact committeert jouw organisatie zich aan de doelstelling 20% minder plastic in 2025 en meer recycling en duurzame alternatieven. Sluit je aan en toon je inzet.

The use of plastics has grown enormously in the last fifty years. Partly due to its versatility, the worldwide application has increased twentyfold. But the use of plastic also has a downside. That is why the government, leading companies and other organizations are now joining forces and signing The Plastic Pact NL.

We can rightly say that we live in the plastic age; We have now produced so much plastic that we could wrap the earth with plastic six times. But plastic also has its downside. The production is harmful to the environment. Petroleum is almost always used, as are all kinds of harmful other substances. In addition, it is associated with water wastage and pollution, not to mention the effects on biodiversity.

The Plastic Pact NL: more with less plastic

And that is why more than sixty organizations in the Netherlands sign the Plastic Pact NL. In this Pact we agree that by 2025 we will use 20% less plastic and make plastic items in such a way that you can always recycle it. In addition, we are going to make more plastic from biological material and less plastic from petroleum. In this way we ensure less plastic waste, a better environment and less CO2 emissions. As frontrunners, we make an important contribution to the Climate Agreement.

Join forces

The Plastic Pact NL does not stop at nice words, we actually take action. On this circle page we share best practices and we go from challenges to solutions. That is the power of results-oriented networking, and you do that together. Do you also want to drastically reduce plastic consumption and / or keep as many plastics as possible in the cycle? Let us know and sign the Plastic Pact NL.