Fail Forward | Circular Edition

21 November 2019, 19:30 - 21:30. Impact Hub Amsterdam, € 10,00

Circular impact entrepreneurs will share what they’ve learned from what went wrong.
Fail Forward | Circular Edition

21 November 2019 19:30 - 21:30

Only 9 per cent of the global economy is currently circular, while adopting circular principles now could bring Europe net benefits of EUR 1,8 trillion by 2030. That is why Impact Hub Amsterdam hosts events, builds communities and runs acceleration programs around circularity. The next event on circular will be Fail Forward!

We believe that failure and experimentation are essential to developing innovative businesses that make real impact. For the Circular Edition of our Fail Forward events, we are inviting circular impact entrepreneurs to share what they’ve learned from what went wrong. Listen to inspirational stories, get encouraged and leave with hope on the horizon ; )

Fail Forward line-up:

Roetz | Did you know that roughly one million bikes are thrown away each year; even though essential parts, like the frame, are just fine? Founder Tiemen ter Hoeven thought that needed to change and used his belief in second chances to pursue a circular, inclusive and mobile industry. The bikes of Roetz are produced in their Amsterdam-based Roetz Fair Factory. Here men and woman returning to the job market make new bikes from discarded ones by hand. In 2016, Roetz saved 20 tons of raw material with their circular production method. Learn more about the challenges Tiemen encountered while developing a meaningful product and building a team that suits his mission.

Studio WAE | Founder Tynke van den Heuvel had worked in a recycling company for metals and electronic equipment for 14 years before founding Studio Wae in 2017. Tynke learned how to create a valuable stream from waste, and combined this with her designs on M.C. Escher. In 2019 she started a social workspace for Syrian refugees that assemble the circular carpets. Her vision is to make products with a high impact on waste and no impact on nature. Find out how a simple mistake at the beginning of Studio Wae caused Tynke some unwanted trouble and - even more important - how she managed to tackle the issue and kept on growing.

Boeren van Amstel | A group of twenty-one farmers with a passion for milk, decided to dedicate themselves to the maintaining of the Amstelland; the last piece of polder landscape in the area of Amsterdam. They produce their milk from less than 10 kilometres distance of the city centre, which significantly shortens the supply chain between land and city. Also, the farmers of Boeren van Amstel contribute to maintaining the birds that breed on their meadows. But creating a less wasteful and fairer food system isn't always easy! Especially when you are so focused on creating a good product that you forget about some other essential steps. Dirk van der Beek will share the story of how he and the twenty other farmers overcame difficult obstacles, including a relaunch.


19:30 Registration & drinks

20:00 Speakers & Q&A

21:30 Drinks

Fail Forward is part of The Impact Days and is organized in partnership with the Province of Noord-Holland.

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