the Ecology of Things

the Ecology of Things

ECOLOGY of THINGS At the Dutch Design Week we had the DRIVE-CIRCO Festival. It is 'Design for Circular Business' and the response was great. Many designers are looking into design of techniques/products, processes/services and new business models. During the festival I presented the ECOLOGY OF THINGS

Ecology of Things, Column

Waste is food

In this column I introduce a new way of thinking about products dawning: the Ecology of Things. Design is the key to realization. In living systems all materials, all elements, all minerals are being used and re-used because they stay in the loop. That is the metabolism of life. In the Ecology of Things we acknowledge the power of ‘waste is food’ also on a higher value-level: products are feedstock for new products even before they become waste.

Y-shaped column

Keep in mind this is an Y-shaped column. Two separate observations get connected to the third observation, the insight.

For information on Circo, see:

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