Attine Design takes companies from linear to circular

Attine Design helps with the transition from linear to circular production while considering sustainability and revenue.
Attine Design takes companies from linear to circular

Attine Design is established to help companies and initiatives to turn a linear process into a circular process. The goal is to (re) design products or processes to increase the value and expand the reuse of waste streams. Attine Design operates with sustainability as a core principle, but with finances always in the back of their head.

Importance of circular economy At Attine Design we find the way that production cycles are organised, in a linear chain, not an effective way of handling materials. Resources get depleted and an unnecessary amount of energy is wasted for the production of a new product. In the current situation, a product is mostly manufactured for consumption and to afterward be 'recycled'. This is mainly done by combining different materials in a big mixture and create something like a reflector post on the side of the road that ignores all positive material characteristics that could have been used.  Or worse, it is not recycled at all. In our opinion, this could be much better and more efficient. Therefore, we want to take the final waste stream already into account during the design phase of a product to create a high performing cycle with multiple loops. 

Business systems

By looking at the entire system within and around a company or a product instead of only looking at the waste stream, much more opportunities for sustainability come to the surface. Where do the big ecological losses exist that often go hand in hand with economical losses? By executing a business analysis, these bottlenecks can be exposed, and steps can be taken into the direction of sustainability in multiple areas. 

Transition from 'waste' to valuable material stream

A waste stream often consists of discarded material that could be very useful for other applications where it can function as a  suitable building stone. The reasons to discard the material in the first place are often not reasons to waste the material completely. The material can possibly still function for another application. Finding this new application is a great challenge!

Design for Recycling

Most products are not (yet) created to fit in the circular economy. This makes the waste streams much less valuable than they potentially are, or there are multiple processing steps necessary to be able to use the material again. During the design phase the ‘end of life’ can already be taken into account to create a waste stream that is more feasible for extended use. In this way, a certain material can pass through multiple product cycles.  


Attine Design likes to share its thoughts about problems that originate from the transition to a circular economy. Are you curious about what we can mean for your case? Take a look at our website

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