Circular safety clothing for Dura Vermeer, Alliander and TBI Croon

Circular safety clothing for Dura Vermeer, Alliander and TBI Croon

Dura Vermeer, Alliander and TBI Croon work together on the development and implementation of circular safety clothing. The goal is 40% circular in 2017. REBus advises the companies on a strategy and action plan.

REBus Nederland wants to inspire buyers and market participants to think about products or services in terms of value retention of raw materials throughout the chain. Including the possibilities for reuse and recycling. The goal is to learn how implement new circular business models and to research the effects on sustainability.


Through cooperation, companies are better able to answer to the growing demand for flexibility. An other benefit of cooperation is that risks are being shared. The most important concept and benefit that can be derived from partnerships is the "synergy effect". Cooperation between companies can be shaped in a variety of ways. DuraVermeer, TBI Croon and Alliander have chosen to draw up joint ambitions.

The first step

After setting their ambitions, the parties organized a market meeting. The focus was on circular safety vests. One of the first results was that several major clients agreed that only the color orange will be used from 2020 onwards. One color makes it easier to reuse the raw materials.

The three companies work together in the Green Deal, but make their own choices. DuraVermeer has conducted a pilot with rainclothing in collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat. Several circular garments have been marketed since. A follow-up will come in 2016. TBI Croon has taken the pilot's results into its own research on circular applications within the corporate style clothing. Alliander launches the tender in spring 2016, using the experience gained from TBI Croon and DuraVermeer.

Read more about this pilot on the website of PIANOo

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