Irrigation Intelligence system based on remote sensing

CropIn solution for Empowering Sugarcane Producers
Irrigation Intelligence system based on remote sensing

We can view every field in the world on a regular basis – and soon, every day! – providing useful, multi-spectral high resolution images for supporting irrigation planning

CropIn is enabling the organisation to remotely monitor and manage sugarcane plantations to
achieve 100% digitisation of data for increased visibility and efficiency of operational activities.

Providing a real-time alerts and reports for the identification of crop stress areas and to help farmers take preliminary action to monitor and mitigate the stressed plots. This to help the farmers to reduce the delay in taking corrective actions and increase their production

The olution analyzes remote satelite  images using scientific models that produce precise indicators of multiple vegetation factors that are correlated to the daily evapotranspiration and the plant’s water content in every pixel of the field.

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