Solar power for apartments with the Solar Smart Grid

Solar power for apartments with the Solar Smart Grid

Solar panels hardly find their way to apartment buildings in the Netherlands. This is mainly due to the low financial yield of solar power. Our Power Plant has developed the Solar Smart Grid to tackle this problem.

Large roofs, low yield?

The Netherlands has many apartments with a large roof, ideal for the installation of solar panels. Unfortunately, there are only a few apartment complexes where solar energy is actually produced. This usually has to do with the business model. In most cases solar power is provided on the common facilities. As the costs for this current are low, the profits are also low. Because such an installation is often paid from the VvE, the VAT benefit that regular homeowners receive also expires.

Nobody is the boss!

Owners in an apartment complex all have something to say about the use of the roof, but also about the investments made with shared money. As a result, a very small group of individuals can hold a solar energy project. The lighter the financial return, the greater the chance of residents who do not consent to an investment in solar energy.

The solution: Solar Smart Grid

Our Stroomfabriek (headquarters and research department) looked into this problem. The solution is the Solar Smart Grid. This is a smart energy infrastructure that returns solar power from the solar panels at household level. This allows a tax benefit to be gained. This maximizes each resident's income. In short, an optimal financial return for all who want to participate.

Participation in the project is a possibility and absolutely no obligation. In addition, everyone can make a contribution to the installation itself. The Solar Smart Grid then supplies the correct amount of solar flow to the participating residents. This is of course in proportion to the amount of money the residents pay.

Solar power now became attractive for the stacked construction! The Solar Smart Grid opens the doors for the owners' association (VvE), project developers and housing corporations.

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Willem Christiaens

Oprichter at Onze Stroomfabriek

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