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We can rightly say that we live in the plastic age. And the use of plastic has its downside. That is why we call on governments, leading companies and organizations to join forces and tackle the plastic problem: by signing the Plastic Pact NL.

The Plastic Pact NL is an initiative of more than 70 organizations and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. With the signing of the Plastic Pact, your organization commits itself to the goal of 20% less plastic in 2025 and more recycling and sustainable alternatives. Do you want to reduce your plastic use as well? Join the Plastic Pact NL.

Met het ondertekenen van het Plastic Pact committeert jouw organisatie zich aan de doelstelling 20% minder plastic in 2025 en meer recycling en duurzame alternatieven. Sluit je aan en toon je inzet.
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