The innovation box: financial support for innovative research

This is why the Innovationbox supports Dutch businesses on innovating research.
The innovation box: financial support for innovative research

Innovation is of great importance to the Netherlands and keeps our position in the worldwide economy preserved and provides development options for our most important branches. The Innovationbox is a tax regulation that provides opportunities to further develop your innovative ideas and transform these into new profitable products, services and processes.

About the Innovationbox

The Innovationbox is one of the main subsidiary options in the Netherlands aiming to support companies that prove to be innovative. With tax deductions the Innovationbox is developed to stimulate entrepreneurs to do research on innovations. All profits due to innovations can be rewarded through this box.

For whom

You can apply for the Innovationbox when:

  • when you develop the immaterial assets yourself, you've gained a patent or have an S&O-declaration on the innovation
  • The income out of the assets is at least 30% of the patent on this innovation
  • You use the Innovationbox for profits coming from either patents or WSBO-projects regarding named innovation

Read more about the Innovationbox on the website of the Dutch Tax Authorities

A useful website on the Innovationbox (Dutch)

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