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The Dutch Climbing and Mountaineering Club (NKBV) aims to collect outdoor equipment and recycle/upcycle these. To ensure safe mountaineering we use robust, and often technical material. How can we trigger our members to return their unused and worn-out materials, so they can be turned into new products?

About NKBV

The NKBV has 64.000 members ranging from amongst others enthusiastic mountaineers, hikers, trail runners and families doing day and/or multiple day hikes in the Alps and all around the world. Equipment is an important asset to conduct a safe trip. Materials are made to be used for long, but technology and safety standards advance hence almost every mountaineering enthusiast has unused materials stored away. The NKBV aims for its members to enjoy their hobby in the most sustainable way, hence its sustainability commission came up with the idea to collect unused mountaineering equipment (which can be anything from shoes, ropes, backpacks, clothing, etc) and give it a second life, either recycled/upcycled or not.

Collecting and Recycling Used Equipment

The NKBV wants to join hands with parties to collect used outdoor equipment. To be successful we have to find the best mode to incentivize our members to provide their unused and/or worn out outdoor equipment. We are thinking of linking it to a social enterprise or enabling our members to buy the end product as a preferred customer, but welcome other ideas. A next step in the process is to make it easy for our members to present their equipment to either an outdoor shop, in baskets at outdoor fairs or via webshops for example. We hope to be able to collect a scalable amount of materials, and certain types of materials that make sure the process of reuse/recycling is successful. 

We expect to receive a broad range of high-quality materials to come in. A collection pilot is thought of to be conducted somewhere in 2019. It would be excellent to do this in collaboration with the partner already.

Looking for Partners

The NKBV is looking for one or more partners to set up a successful collection system for outdoor equipment and recycling/upcycling them to whatever useful products can be thought of. Are you up for a collaboration? We are happy to hear from you! 

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Geschreven door Robin Baks op 18-09-18 nkbv.nl

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Our product/service design solution match with your needs ! Let's have a talk !

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Ik sta tot uw beschikking voor samenwerking en duurzame ontwikkeling, evenals een win-win-partnerschap harrouzia@gmail.com +213668675844

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Wij produceren machines klein en groot voor het recyclen van materialen. Een hot item is plastic en wij kunnen plastic shredders en er weer nieuwe producten van maken of wij leveren de machines. Maar ook hout en metaal of andere materialen. Omdat wij een machinebouwbedrijf zijn bouwen wij ook oplossingen voor je vraag, dus klop even aan met je vraag. info@orangehillsmachinery.com

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Ik heb Chantal Schaepkens getagd als deelnemers in deze uitdaging. VYLIG. biedt een kernassortiment werkkleding & PBM (persoonlijke beschermingsmiddelen) die mensvriendelijk en milieubewust wordt geproduceerd én afgevoerd. Misschien helpt het als jullie contact met elkaar opnemen!

The Dutch mountaineering organization NKBV aims to take the next step towards sustainable outdoor experiences by collecting outdoor equipment’s and recycle these.


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